Won’t Hurt A Bit…

This won’t hurt a bit.

We’ve heard it said and we’ve probably said it too – “This won’t hurt a bit.”

And the voice in the back of our head responds – “Sure it won’t hurt a bit, it will hurt a LOT!”

Right from the beginning we humans think things shouldn’t hurt and at the same time we are skeptical of pain-free promises.

How many industries are built on promising change without discomfort?

Coaching reminds us that the ONLY things standing between us and what we want to accomplish are our uncomfortable emotions.

Not too many of us want to experience:


They are just emotions, but when they pop up, most of us are quick to try and change or cover up those emotions.

We distract ourselves with food, an adult beverage or Netflix.
We yell.
We clam up.
We get busy with something easily accomplished.
We find proof that what we wanted is impossible.
We find someone or something to blame.

We do a lot of things so we don’t have to sit with those feelings.

Brooke Castillo teaches us that discomfort is the currency of our dreams.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build your business, stop drinking, or write a book the reason you’re not having success is because you are trying to avoid those negative feelings.

“The more we choose discomfort…, the more successful we’re going to be, period. If you want to be further along in your life, you have to embrace more discomfort.” (Brooke Castillo)

There’s nothing you really want to accomplish or learn that won’t bring up some of those terrible thoughts and they are just that… thoughts.

This week watch what comes up for you when you hit a snag in your diet.

Notice what you start to think when you don’t finish your project.

Pay attention to how you start to think when you have to make that business call you’ve been putting off.

What if I promised you that nothing has gone wrong here.

“Discomfort is the currency of our dreams.”

Once in a while, it’s going to hurt… a bit.

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