What would you do, if you knew how to do it?

What would you do if you just knew how?

What comes up for you? Do you have an authentic desire – maybe one you’ve carried around for years (decades)?
If something comes up pretty fast, pay attention.

What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Have you heard that cliche?

I have a different question for you.

What COULD you do if you were willing to fail at it? Over and over and over.

My clients at some point every week or two say, “OK, Michele, but HOW?”

How is not the question. It’s not even what they mean?
They know how.
What they mean is how without feeling awkward, or being embarrassed, or getting up early, or taking TikTok off their phones, or trying on a bathing suit in front of a mirror.

What do you want and why do you want it? Confusion is always a lie and the “how” is where we always decide to get confused.

Not you. All of us.

What do you want?
Why do you want it?
What if you were not afraid to fail
and over
and over
you did it?

All the reasons you can’t do it yet? That’s just part of the process in going from:

“I WANT to write a book,” to “I CHOOSE to write a book.”

“I WANT to lose weight” to “I CHOOSE to lose weight.”

“I WANT to eat vegan” to “I CHOOSE to eat vegan.”

“I WANT to double my business” to “I CHOOSE to double my business.”

“I Want!” Toddlers say that all day long, don’t they? Sometimes it works, but mostly because someone makes it happen for them.

“I CHOOSE.” That is a powerful place to come from, but as long as you tell yourself you don’t know how or you’re confused about the next step you get to play it safe.

That’s ok, just as long as you know it’s a lie.

Coaching is the best way I know of getting in touch with those excuses we have been holding on to so long that they just feel like facts. To learn more about getting coached fill-in the contact form to request a consultation or look at some of the tremendous coaching podcasts I link to on the RESOURCES PAGE.

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