Weodmonath was the medieval Anglo Saxon name for August – and it means “weed month.”  Which may explain your lawn or garden if you’re anything like me.  Or maybe you have another association with weed…

August, comes from the title of the Roman Emperor. In Latin, Augustus means ‘the great one.” The Roman Senate decided in 8 BCE to rename the month Sextillius in honor of the Emperor.

Can you tell that I like to read about ancient and medieval history?
I like to think that being Vegan is one of the least “interesting” things about me.  

This is what I want my clients to understand.  
This is what I would like anyone who is having trouble with a Plant Based or Vegan diet to understand.  
There is SO much to eat.  There is so much variety and diversity available to a thoughtful Vegan.  This does not have to be a big preoccupation for you. It doesn’t have to take over your life.

Once you get the hang of it you really CAN stop thinking very much about it.  
I just eat.  
So for this August Newsletter I want to encourage you NOT to overthink things.

Eat your local seasonal veggies, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds and fungi. 
(Some of you have asked me to stop saying fungi… I hear you.)

Fungi, Fungi, Fungi

Mushrooms are a fabulous addition to a plant based diet.  If you do not think you like them, I encourage you to use them in very very small amounts to slowly acquire a taste.  I did this with a number of foods I now really enjoy, including olives, kale, mustard greens and yes, tofu.  (If you are allergic or very sensitive to any foods obviously do what you know is right for your body)

I put together a FREE VEGAN AND PLANT BASED RESOURCE LISTthat new Vedge Your Besties can download with a short list of the people and information I think highly of and share most often with my new clients.  (link on the image)


We get inundated with Vegan books, social media, websites and videos when we are starting out.  It can be overwhelming if you think you need to know 
the perfect menu, 
the perfect recipe, 
the perfect macros 
and micronutrients.

Start with what you know and enjoy. 
The information you learn along the way will be infinitely more helpful to you once you have started limiting and crowding out all the animal products with veggies, fruits, seeds, grains, legumes and FUNGI. 

And that’s good advice with almost any new undertaking.  
Start now.  
Don’t wait until you’ve done all the research and watched all the documentaries. It’s not information that is keeping you from a Vegan Practice.  

Stay tuned – the one year anniversary of Vedge Your Best is coming up, and I am planning some giveaways and some free coaching.  I might even finally tackle a Facebook Live or an Instagram Reel!

Remember you can book yourself directly into my calendar below or email me at info@micheleolendercoaching.com to set up a Free Coaching Session. 

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