Watch This Space

Here at Michele Olender Coaching, we are getting ready to launch Vedge Your Best!

Individual and Group Coaching 

to support anyone interested in reducing or eliminating animal product consumption.

Struggling with starting or maintaining a plant based diet? Vegetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian, Veg-Forward, Pescatarian

Whether your reasons are environmental, health focused or ethical, Vedge Your Best is ready to support you to develop a peaceful deliberate practice using your own goals, ideals and concerns.

Best of all, the skills you learn through coaching will work in every area of your life.

For a free consultation, to discuss how coaching can help you or your group to eat in alignment with your beliefs, email info@micheleolendercoaching.com

Keep an eye open for Vedge Your Best content every week and send us your questions on practicing a Vedge Your Best lifestyle.

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