“Wake up text”

A lot of cliches get thrown around in Coaching. I think of myself as having a low cliche tolerance, but the reason certain phrases become cliches is that they are really accessible apt ways of expressing something that is quite profound and universal.

Some that come to mind:

What you resist persists.

No “shoulding” on yourself.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Wake up call.

We all understand that a wake up call can come at any time of the day. Sometimes a wake up call is a diagnosis, or a “moment of clarity.”

A wake up call can be a bad performance review or failing a test.

A wake up call is typically a message we receive with some sort of negative news that reminds us that it’s time to get conscious about something and show up fully awake.

This afternoon my husband and I received a wakeup text message. A long time dear friend, a raconteur known for his mischief and wit, his endless interests, love of travel, and devotion to family and friends had died prematurely. Unexpectedly.

Immediately we thought of our own loss and then the loss to his closest family and friends. We found ourselves thinking in cliches:

My condolences.
Our sympathies.
Thoughts and prayers.

But for me, it was a wake up text.
Memento Mori. Remember, you will die.

That admonition of the Stoics has been bandied about for a couple millennia so I guess that also counts as bit of cliche.

If there is something I still want to do on this earth (and there is), best get busy.
That’s how I can honor our dear friend.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal (sorry, last one).

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