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Wanderlust much?  At Vedge Your Best we have tickets for an “educational” trip to Northern England and London at the end of April.  

Plant-based and Vegan travel are perennial topics for my clients. So this season as I book guests for the Podcast, we are going to incorporate some ideas and inspiration to Vedge Your Best on the road – whether it’s domestic or abroad, business or pleasure, planes, trains, or automobiles.  

Upcoming guests will be discussing Florida, Italy, and Boston, and you will hear what I find on my visit to Hadrian’s Wall and Durham before heading down to London.

Any specific questions or locations – feel free to email or message me on Instagram.  You are following us on Instagram, right?  

“Sure,” you might be thinking, “Maybe Vegan travel is possible in Los Angeles or big cities, but not where I’m going…” or “Not with my coworkers…”. Let’s interrogate that thought. There might be some truth to it, but what else could be true?

I have clocked quite a few travel miles since December and the amount of plastic is truly disheartening so I have vowed to have my own reusable glass or bottle with me on all trips.  It’s a small thing but when I remember, it helps me stay aware and focused on what ELSE I can do. What IS in my power.  

Current Favorite Book

Here is a little snippet from a book I highly recommend, We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer.

The 4 highest-impact things an individual can do to tackle climate change are to eat a plant-based diet, avoid air travel, live car-free, and have fewer children. Of those 4 actions, only plant-based eating immediately addresses methane and nitrous oxide, the most urgently important greenhouse gases… Everyone will eat a meal relatively soon and can immediately participate in the reversal of climate change.

If you know Jonathan Safran Foer, let him know I’m trying to get him on the podcast. 🙂

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