Episode 149: Vegan Interior Design with Aline Dürr

These days, vegan meals are mainstream, and vegan fashion and cosmetics aren’t far behind. 

But what about other products we use every day–items commonly found in homes, offices, hotels, etc.? Is toilet paper vegan, for example? How about towels? How do you begin to make compassionate, ethical, and sustainable decisions in every room of your house?  How do you evaluate the pros and cons of some man-made materials?

This week on the pod I talk to Aline Dürr, who literally wrote the book on vegan interior design.

Aline talks about her vegan journey, her thoughts about using the” V-word” in her business, and how she helps other designers source and problem-solve vegan products. She also discusses her 6-week online course, The Vegan Interior Design Method, which presents a solid overview of the ethical, health, and sustainability concerns of interior design. Suitable for design professionals and concerned consumers alike, the course includes:

  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, & questionnaires
  • Expert interviews and videos 
  • Additional reading and learning material
  • Email templates for suppliers & clients
  • Access to a private Facebook group, The Vegan Interior Design Movement
  • A personal onboarding call to get you started
  • A completion certificate suitable for framing

I’d love to send you a free copy of Aline’s book because I learned so much from it. Simply review Vedge Your Best on Apple Podcasts, then DM me on Instagram or email me here a screenshot of your review.  I know it’s a hassle to rate and review, but it truly helps the podcast find its audience and attract great guests like Aline.

For more on vegan interior design, be sure to check out, Vegan Interior Design: A Conscious Approach to Beautiful Spaces.

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