The Cure for Common Confusion

How’s my business going? I’m kind of confused about my marketing.

How’s my book? I’m a little confused about whether to self-publish or find an agent.

House search? I’m not sure what the best investment would be, it’s a bit confusing.

Confusion is always a lie.
It’s just a socially acceptable, culturally plausible way of going unconscious.

Confusion is a process of too many options and too many distractions.
BLISS! We can go unconscious and say:

I WOULD do X, but I’m confused about how to go about it.

You wouldn’t want me to to make a decision without looking into literally every possible option on the planet, would you?

And with this confusing decision hanging over my head, I just need a little fun.

A little something to take the edge off.
Maybe a little mindless internet shopping, some entertainment eating, binging on TikTok videos or Netflix, games on the phone.

The cure for common confusion is to stop going unconscious and make a decision.
Confusion hides decisions behind too many options and too many distractions.

What options can you take off the table right now?

What distractions can you turn off right now?

Notice what comes up for you. It usually starts with, “But… but… but…”.
So if you want to argue for your confusion, be my guest. I understand.

I also understand that confusion is a lie that keeps you from building the life you want and it starts to disappear the minute you commit to making a decision.

Not making a decision = making a decision to NOT get what you want.

Working with a Life Coach is one of the best decisions you can make if you are suffering from common confusion.
Just that one decision positions you towards a commitment to the next decision and the next.

Until then, commit yourself to getting out of unconsciousness.
Start limiting your distractions and start ruling out some options.

Decisions are the Cure for Common Confusion.
Warning – Unimaginable Momentum May Result

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