What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)

Frenemies. So before we get started, can I just say that I was completely prepared for “frenemies” to be autocorrected by my Mac to “fiendish” or “friendless” or something even less related. Turns out “frenemy” IS a real real word. And it’s such a good word too. Over the years, I have a had aContinue reading “What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)”

Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,His wife could eat no lean…. (from Old Mother Goose) Sometimes people imagine that I was always a picky Princessy eater who never ate meat.Or a neurasthenic hippie existing on sprouts. I ate meat well into my 50’s, though I was slowing down my consumption by then. My husband alwaysContinue reading “Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)”