“Wake up text”

A lot of cliches get thrown around in Coaching. I think of myself as having a low cliche tolerance, but the reason certain phrases become cliches is that they are really accessible apt ways of expressing something that is quite profound and universal. Some that come to mind: What you resist persists. No “shoulding” onContinue reading ““Wake up text””

The Cure for Common Confusion

How’s my business going? I’m kind of confused about my marketing. How’s my book? I’m a little confused about whether to self-publish or find an agent. House search? I’m not sure what the best investment would be, it’s a bit confusing. Confusion is always a lie.It’s just a socially acceptable, culturally plausible way of goingContinue reading “The Cure for Common Confusion”

What are you choosing, but pretending that you aren’t choosing?

My coach asked me that this week and it was so so so easy to see in my clients, but really pretty painful to look at in myself. Client 1 chooses to drink Diet Coke, but it’s because she doesn’t like water and she’s giving up sweets. Well, she still eats sweets but she knowsContinue reading “What are you choosing, but pretending that you aren’t choosing?”

What would you do, if you knew how to do it?

What would you do if you just knew how? What comes up for you? Do you have an authentic desire – maybe one you’ve carried around for years (decades)?If something comes up pretty fast, pay attention. What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Have you heard that cliche? I have aContinue reading “What would you do, if you knew how to do it?”

Think you’re different?

You’re right. Think you’re the same? You’re right. The power to manage your thoughts begins with noticing the way you’re already creating your experience. Life Coaching using the 5 Step Model is an easily learned practice to make enormous positive changes in your life very quickly. You can do it on your own – butContinue reading “Think you’re different?”