Book Giveaway

Peace, Empathy and Plants Polish-Canadian Science Journalist, Marta Zaraska lives in France (3 of my 4 favorite countries in one sentence) and has a new book out this summer which is a Vedge Your Best “must read.” Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness can Help You Live to 100 YES, a Plant Based dietContinue reading “Book Giveaway”

How NOT to Think [about Polar bears] – (Vegans Made Simple Part 7)

Have you ever made a concerted effort to NOT think about a Polar Bear? Like every day?  Multiple times? Sticky note reminder on the bathroom mirror. Do NOT think about Polar Bears. Sign on the Fridge. Do not THINK about Polar Bears. Reminder message on the home screen of your phone. Do not think aboutContinue reading “How NOT to Think [about Polar bears] – (Vegans Made Simple Part 7)”

What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)

Frenemies. So before we get started, can I just say that I was completely prepared for “frenemies” to be autocorrected by my Mac to “fiendish” or “friendless” or something even less related. Turns out “frenemy” IS a real real word. And it’s such a good word too. Over the years, I have a had aContinue reading “What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)”

Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,His wife could eat no lean…. (from Old Mother Goose) Sometimes people imagine that I was always a picky Princessy eater who never ate meat.Or a neurasthenic hippie existing on sprouts. I ate meat well into my 50’s, though I was slowing down my consumption by then. My husband alwaysContinue reading “Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)”

Time Out

Time and lack of time come up ALL the time in virtually every conversation. It’s time.Not the right time.Is it time?Time is money.Time is just dragging.Where do I find the time?He has all the time in the world.It’s about time.I’m just killing time.She wastes so much time.They don’t respect my time.Where did the time go?WhyContinue reading “Time Out”

Discomfort Zone

Want more success?You probably need to double or triple your rate of failure. Failure is one of those emotions most of us have learned to avoid, and there are so many ways of avoiding it. Easy entertainment – food, drink, TV, video games, and online shopping.Playing small – keeping your sites on things you alreadyContinue reading “Discomfort Zone”

Won’t Hurt A Bit…

This won’t hurt a bit. We’ve heard it said and we’ve probably said it too – “This won’t hurt a bit.” And the voice in the back of our head responds – “Sure it won’t hurt a bit, it will hurt a LOT!” Right from the beginning we humans think things shouldn’t hurt and atContinue reading “Won’t Hurt A Bit…”

Murder Your Darlings

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, writer and lecturer at Cambridge University on the subject of language and literature appears to have been the source of the aphorism, “ Murder your darlings.” “Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it — whole-heartedly — and delete it before sending your manuscript toContinue reading “Murder Your Darlings”


Somewhere in the intersectional world of Ren & Stimpy* and computer coding a term emerged in the 1990’s called Yak Shaving. Coined by an MIT Ph.D. Carlin Vieri, Yak Shaving is the experience many of us have when we set a straightforward goal but a series of seemingly random, unanticipated and even unrelated tasks appearContinue reading “IF YOU GIVE A YAK A SHAVE”

Failing or Fizzling

This week a colleague mentioned to me that her resolution to make a certain change in her business had not so much failed as fizzled out. What a terrific distinction. In my coaching practice I had decided to write and publish 25 blog posts in 30 days. The first week and a half went well.ThenContinue reading “Failing or Fizzling”