“Stuck” is a Symptom

Feeling stuck is one of those very normal vaguely unpleasant human feelings. 

It’s not like


“embarrassment, “



For most of my clients, “stuck” is low grade, humming in the background, chronic like ‘confused” and “overwhelmed.”

In coaching we call those “indulgent” emotions, because we tend to use them to hide behind.  

We think, “hmm I should look into that.” 

If you have a goal that you’re not making any headway with and you feel “stuck,” this week’s podcast is for you.

“Stuck” can be a symptom of energy leaks and N.U.T.’s – Nagging Unfinished Tasks.

Examining my own energy I realized that I was using my overflowing “unread” book shelf to tell myself a story that I don’t have enough time and energy to do everything that I want.  I read all the time to support my clients with their Vegan, Plant Based and other goals, but I have been neglecting the novels and history books that I read JUST FOR ME.  

Addressing the issue by just reading 5 minutes or 5 pages has made all the difference in my energy and outlook.

Download the N.U.T.’s – Nagging Unfinished Tasks worksheet

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