Story Time (Vegans Made Simple – Part 3)

Once upon a time…

I told myself that I was

Too old,
Too busy,
Too polite,
Too family-oriented,
Too traditional,
Too “foodie,”
Too introverted,
Too interested in travel and culture

To commit to a vegan diet.

I told myself it was going to be just too hard.

But something inside me was telling a story about food that was

Kinder to the environment,
Kinder to animals
Kinder to my health.

If something inside is telling you that a Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant-Based Diet is a great idea but it’s just too hard right now,
I want you know that it’s just a story you’ve been practicing.

Reducing or eliminating animal products can be simple.

If you’ve been struggling to start or maintain a Vegan diet,
Coaching can quickly help you close the pages on that story
and rewrite your food choices exactly the way you want.

I developed the Vedge Your Best process to help my clients be the heroes of their own stories

without villains,
impossible feats,
witches or monsters,
tears or drama.

Email me at info@micheleolendercoaching.com for a free mini-session to learn more.

Reducing or eliminating animal products can be simple.
That’s my story.

The End.

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