Starting Before You’re Ready

My Coaching Practice started before I was able to manage a Facebook Page or a Website. It bothered me though. If I were a “Real Coach” I would have business cards, I thought. I still don’t have them. If I were a “Real Coach” I would have a blog and articles and…

a Logo.

I was coaching people on all sorts of issues, but I had this nagging thought that a “Real Coach” would have a Facebook presence even though no one was asking for my website. Not one person asked my for a business card. Maybe some people googled or looked for me on Facebook, but no one I coached seemed concerned. In the back of my mind, though, I would hear the whispered words “where is your brand identity.”

Six weeks ago I returned from Paris where I could see the growing tensions of Corvid 19 virus for travelers like myself. I decided to stay home and start working on the website. I figured out how to get this domain, put together a logo, set up a Facebook page and choose a WordPress template. It took me hours and hours which was just long enough to realize that I wanted to hire someone else to handle it.

The hand-off to someone else to manage the social media of my business is just now beginning. I am so grateful that I did not wait to begin my coaching practice until all of this was in place, and I only wish that I hadn’t let it bother me one little bit.

Where are you making a barrier to entry, where there really isn’t one? What are you putting off because you don’t have the perfect tool, or instrument, or office, or “brand identity.” Coaching can help you get unstuck and really enjoy the process of starting before you’re ready.

Who would you be if it didn’t require a Logo?

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