In psychology there is a phenomenon referred to as “splitting.”
It is characterised by all-or-nothing thinking:
black or white,
good or bad,
yes or no
idealized or demonized.

Not to say there is no place for categorical thinking on some subjects, but it can be unhelpful when taking on a new undertaking.

We are seldom able to walk,
speak in any language or
play an instrument without spending a long time unable to do those activities.

Before we CAN we are in a state of NOT YET.
Absolutely nothing wrong.

Unless we decide to think that there is something wrong.

Transitioning to an eating plan which omits or reduces animal products is one of these all-or-nothing categories in our culture.

You aren’t eating ham but your car has leather upholstery.

No cheese? But you still wear Uggs!

You tell me you’re vegetarian but you had turkey at Thanksgiving.

You fraud!

This is the kind of splitting that can happen in the Plant Based eating community:
you are perfect
you are a hypocrite.

This is the number one reason I hear people say that they are not actively reducing or omitting animal products from their diets.

What if they can’t be perfect? What will people say then? What will they think about themselves?

There is a school of thought that veganism needs to be all or nothing.
It’s fine if that is your thought but there are other thoughts you can choose if you are trying on a plant based lifestyle.

Ready to reduce or omit animal products?

Whether your reasons are
or any combination of the above, coaching can help support your choices.

The world is not split between perfect vegans and the rest of us.
There is no Vegetarian Olympics or Vegan Nobel Prize.
This is not a competition.

Email info@micheleolendercoaching.com to set up a complimentary mini-session to discuss your goals.

If you’ve been living in that all-or-nothing world of not trying something until you’re perfect, it’s time to split.

I’ve got you.

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