Snoop, Halftime, and Vegan Goals

We are halfway through the year and coming off Independence Day weekend here in the US. Feeling behind as you enter the third quarter of 2022? Did you think you would have made more progress by now on your Vegan journey or in another goal?  

Join the club. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of if your goals are still bigger than your results – in fact when you reach those goals you will probably have some other ones. So cut yourself some slack.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed, or ashamed that you haven’t hit those goals yet this year, I suggest that you thank yourself for having goals that inspire you to grow. Deciding to pull our heads out of the proverbial sand when it comes to not hitting our goals, and taking full ownership of those results does not have to be miserable. It can be your own Declaration of Independence. 

I coach my clients to help them take 100% responsibility for their lives, not because there are no problem situations, people, or diagnoses, but because that’s the most powerful place I know to operate from.

No matter where you are on your Vegan Journey or with your goals, let’s take a couple of minutes to start the quarter by showing some gratitude to the most important human being in your life – You!

This Week on the Podcast

This week on the podcast I quote Snoop with SOME of his words of wisdom. If you want to hear ALL the words click here.  But be warned it is explicit and probably not safe for work.  

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