Ready to Come out of Hiding?

Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Glinda the Good Witch calls the citizens of Munchkinland out of hiding? “Come out, come out wherever you are!” Dorothy Gale’s house has fallen on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her and freeing Munchkinland. Bit by bit Munchkin society steps forward to reassert their positions. The Lullaby League and the Lollypop Guild celebrate and the Mayor sends the Coroner out to certify that the Witch is “not merely dead but most sincerely clearly dead.”

I had forgotten this scene but my little neighbor was singing the “Lollypop Guild” song this weekend. (Classic movies seem to have been a big part of the homeschooling curriculum.) Many of us are peering out of pandemic isolation wondering what this means. Covid 19 may not be “sincerely” nor “clearly dead,” but many voices are calling us out to begin the new normal.

It is up to each of us to decide how we want to show up now, before we are swept back up in the day to day of reacting to the voices that have plans for us. I encourage my clients who have experienced the Great Pause to bring some intentionality to this process. After all, if we don’t have a plan we quickly become part of someone else’s plan. Many of us have similar goals including:

Losing weight Recommitting to relationships. Retooling businesses to respond to new guidelines and consumer demands. Personal and spiritual growth . Finishing abandoned projects. Completing career and academic certifications.

One way or another we made the impossible happen during the past 8 weeks. How can we let that new perspective fuel the next 8 weeks with an impossible personal goal that would mean something very special when Summer 2020 is at an end.

Coaching is the best way I know to get the perspective and power to come out of hiding, accomplish a new goal or take on a new challenge. Whether it’s changing your diet, finishing a dissertation, building a relationship, breaking a habit you’ve outgrown or creating a new habit, working with a Coach can turbo charge your results. Like Glinda the Good Witch, your Coach will show you again and again until you learn it for yourself that

“you’ve always had the power, my dear.”

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