Ready for Re-entry?

We made it through Labor Day no thanks to Tropical Storm Henry and Hurricane Ida. 

Hope you were spared any significant flooding or power interruptions where you are.  

Vedge Your Best Podcast sound engineer Charlie Weinshank had some high water in the metropolitan New York area and here in coastal Rhode Island, we had some road issues, internet interruptions, and power outages. 

Anyway, you did not get a Happy September newsletter from me last week but with Charlie’s help, the podcast has made it out on time every week for almost a year.

The French refer to La Rentrée, the big “return” to school after the summer holidays. Even if back-to-school is not part of your current life, there is something about September that really feels like a Re-Entry and a new start.

The weather feels different.  The stores feel different.  And judging by my curly hair the humidity IS different.  It may not quite be astronomical fall but here in New England, early September is meteorological fall.  

What does the big Re-Entry mean in YOUR life?  
How will you spend your time differently now that the days are getting a bit shorter?
What choices are you making as we go into the home stretch of 2021? 

For many of us, September entices us to make some changes and take on some new ideas.  One of my clients calls September the “Friendly New Year.”

Podcast Episode 52 guest Howard Jacobson has a new book ready to pre-order: You Can Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Your Colleagues, Employees – Even Family – Up Their Game, and we are doing a giveaway of the book over on the Vedge Your Best Instagram feed.

If you haven’t listened to Howard discussing it yet, I think you will get a lot out of it.  

Step One is to show up as an Ally rather than a Critic.  Even if that’s the only part you (and I) remember to implement, you (and I) will have so much greater influence on others.  

Howard’s book, written with Executive Coach Peter Bregman, contains sample scripts and specific ways of speaking to family, colleagues, and employees that open up communication rather than shutting it down.

If there is something important that you want to accomplish this fall, let’s jump on a call and create a strategy together:

  • Ready to limit or eliminate meat, dairy, eggs, or fish?  
  • Vegan but struggling with un-supportive family and friends?
  • Struggling with new Vegan choices while traveling, at school, or at the office?
  • Looking to choose healthier Whole Foods or climb back on the Vegan “wagon?”
  • Dreaming of a new Vegan business or initiative?
  • Wondering what opting out of Industrial Animal Agriculture could mean for you?

That’s what Vegan Life Coaching is all about and there’s no better time to start than right now.

I help folks move toward a Vegan/Plant Based lifestyle and I help Vegans take on their next big challenge.

I never thought I could be a practicing Vegan until I stopped thinking that thought. 

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