Quitting IS an Option

I have been tempted to quit almost everything I have ever started, but the sore subject recently has been writing my book.  

The process – the plan for the book seemed very manageable and straightforward and I was just letting it go the way it was going. Then I took another look at it a few days back and my reaction was – YIKES!

Not thrilled. Not excited. At all.

I just wanted to quit.

You can hear more about it on Podcast 65 – Quitting IS an Option (But It Won’t Speed Things Up).  

Sometimes we judge ourselves VERY HARSHLY for wanting to quit. Why? 

If you have chosen any challenge or goal worthy of your precious time here on planet Earth, you are going to want to quit.  
Periodically if not frequently. 

What if instead of thinking that wanting to quit is a problem, you were actually a little bit proud of it?

“Look at me!  It’s Thursday and I want to QUIT!”

NOTHING has gone wrong here.

When we think that wanting to quit is a problem – a sign that something is wrong with our dream, our goal, our brain, or our character…  that is an express route to shutdown, avoidance, and losing trust in ourselves.  

What if wanting to quit was not only NOT a problem but what if it was a sign from the Universe that you’re on the right track?


This reminds me of a passage from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: 

If your dream is starting to seem impossible and you’re thinking about quitting, Congratulations!
Quitting is ONE option, but there are probably hundreds more available to you. Curious?

Coaching is the most effective way I know to support your goals, whether it is limiting the consumption of animal products, starting a business, getting fit, or writing YOUR book.  Book yourself into my calendar to get started and have fun along the way.

Oh, and before I sign off, on this week’s podcast I refer to one of my favorite poems, ITHAKA by C P Cavafy. Here is the link to the late, great Sean Connery reading it. Sublime.

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