My Brain Is UNbelievable!

Yes, my brain is unbelievable.
So is yours.

We have a lot of thoughts scrolling endlessly through our brains – much of it nonsense.
But sometimes we think a thought over and over and over or it intersects with a situation and it turns into a BELIEF.
All through college I believed that I was pretty bad at math, but after graduation I easily passed some investment exams and then did really well on the MATH section of the GRE’s… hmmm

I believed that being chronically late was a dealbreaker for a relationship. Wrong again – I’ve been married to a late-nik for 33 years. Yes, he was late for our first date and it was the best decision I ever made.

I believed that it would be completely impossible to commit to a Vegan practice, and yet again I find myself doing the impossible for the past 8 years.

Or IS it impossible?
Maybe there is a lot less impossibility out there than we know. And by “out there” I mean outside our brains.

One thing I didn’t believe possible was driving the car solo from South Carolina to Rhode Island last Thursday -8am to a little after midnight.  Not only was it possible but in spite of heavy traffic from Richmond north, I actually enjoyed it.  
Amazing mental discipline, maybe, plus a LOT of podcasts which I promised to share from my iPhone. Yes a LOT of history interspersed with Veganism, travel and politics.

The Rest Is History

Not Just the Tudors

The Ancients

Gone Medieval

The Rest is Politics
Join Us in France 

The Bittersweet Life

Compassion and Cucumbers

Vegetarian Zen

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