March again?

March again?  On my computer I have saved the Limbourg Brothers’ monthly illustrations for the glorious Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry.

I know.  
What a geek. 
Facebook reminds me now on the first of every month.  

And every month I can’t believe it.  

March AGAIN?

Well just as we were getting a bit freer and more adventurous here at Vedge Your Best, the universe has other plans.  

Our family is Polish – dual citizens.  Some of our dearest family and friends are Ukranian and we are heartbroken seeing what they’ve been going through. I encourage all of you, at the very least, to consider giving any amount to the agencies who are trying to house and care for what may be millions of refugees.  

There have always been refugees and, for good or ill, it is human nature that we notice more when it is our neighbor or our family who is suffering.   
Most of the time we are just so busy going about our own lives – and those lives of ours tend to demand all the focus and energy we have.  

War. Climate change. Animal torture. Epidemics of lifestyle diseases. There is a lot of upsetting news and we may very well want to shut down.  
Check out.  Decide that it’s all too much and what difference does it make, anyway?

This week I urge all of us to be brave enough to do “too little.”  “Not much” is exponentially more than “nothing.”  
So eat more plants.  Plan to limit or eliminate the consumption of animal products. Even “liking” or “following” an animal sanctuary in your area on social media can help them with their missions.

Reach out to support your neighbors at home or abroad who are struggling. 
Not enough IS better than nothing.

The world the Limbourg Brothers created in the Très Riches Heures is idealized.  A rich, fertile timeless land.  It is a place for our eyes and spirits to rest for a while before we get back to work this month.

“Look for the helpers.  You can always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers

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