Leap of Faith

August may be winding down but here at Vedge Your Best I am winding up for the one-year anniversary of the Podcast in September.

We recently dropped Episode 50, “Leap of Faith.” Anyone remember the Leap of Faith scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

Episode 50 just seems like a very cool milestone in a “Base 10” culture.

My whole journey here as a Vegan Life Coach and Podcaster has been informed by a “one day at a time” message and it’s how I help my clients limit and eliminate animal products from their lives.

Bit by bit.

A big change in the way you show up at every meal and with every choice after a lifetime of conditioning?
The kinder you are to yourself, the better those new choices will stick.
Give yourself permission to be terrible at it.
That’s the Vedge Your Best coaching methodology in a nutshell.

Starting any big new challenge – a quote by Rumi says it all for me:

As you start to walk on the way,

the way appears.


Any big goal worthy of your time and focus has to start before you can actually do it.
Not knowing how? Not a problem.

If you follow Vedge Your Best on Instagram I am doing 30 Instagram Lives in the run-up to the one-year anniversary of the podcast. Very far out of my comfort zone. You can find them here.

You can find them because I posted them to IGTV instead of letting them mercifully fade away at the end of the Live.

Why? ( I wonder myself ) But it’s my hope that seeing me do something so – well – inartfully – may be the permission slip YOU need to start something before YOU are ready. Make a game of it. Be proud for showing up as a beginner.
I would love it if you would share with me where you are ready to start something before you’re ready.
It is a very liberating experience.

Especially if you have gotten to that certain age where people expect you to be generally poised, competent, and capable….
So as we head towards September’s anniversary keep checking in. I am planning a book giveaway of an upcoming podcast guest.. Very hush-hush. And there will be some prizes over on Instagram where we have almost 5000 followers. At the beginning of 2021, I didn’t even have 500.

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think might want a little regular plant-based or Vegan inspiration or someone who might be interested in a free 45-minute coaching session to see how that process can help you take a Leap of Faith.


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