June Greeting

When you have a podcast, you never know who’s listening. Getting periodic messages and emails from people I don’t know has been overwhelmingly positive even on what for many of us was a heavy week in the US.

That’s the topic of this week’s short episode, # 91: “They’re Listening.”

My first time recording extemporaneously and al fresco – you can hear the birds and frogs around our pond. Let me know whether you found the sound quality distracting.

This week I am interviewing Mitali Deypurkaystha, Vegan Book Coach, Mentor, and Founder of The Vegan Publisher, for an upcoming episode.

Writing and publishing a book must be one of the most common life goals my clients tell me about. It’s mine as well, so I’m looking forward to “meeting” Mitali and asking her EVERYTHING. Mitali was introduced to me through Vegan public relations expert and Vegan force-of-nature Katrina Fox. Those of you looking to expand your Vegan reach and network will want to tune in and maybe take notes. I’m just finishing Mitali’s book, The Freedom Master Plan, and it really is a blueprint for Vegan and Ethical experts and initiatives.


What’s ONE decision you could make that would remove ONE HUNDRED other decisions?
Many people worry about restriction, but I don’t think we always worry enough about the unintended consequences of too many choices.

Here are some decisions I’ve made that, rather than limiting me, have greatly simplified my life:

-Marrying my husband (1989-Present)
-Hiring a lawn mowing service (1991- present)
-Drink Coffee Black (1970s to present)
-2 Dishwashers
-Vegan 2015-Present
-Stop watching TV News (2017-present)-
-Stop watching Television (during the Pandemic – still not watching)
-Outsource my Podcast editing
-No zucchini plants in the veggie garden
-No travel during the Summer.
-Creating Vedge Your Best rather than thinking about creating it…

What about you? Care to share some of your “ONE DECISION”s on the podcast? Email me at info@micheleolendercoaching.com

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