Independence Day – Limits or Possibilities?

One thing about being human in a human body, there are always limits.  

Depending on age, gender, and body we may be subject to physical, cultural, and economic limits.  

This week many of us are thinking about some new legal limitations in the US, but as with every other limit, it is essential to focus on where we still have agency, power, and possibility.

The limits we encounter can actually serve to show us where we can operate effectively or grow our strength right now.

Independence Day?  The 4th of July holiday recognizes the decision to respond to certain limits facing certain people in living in North America. 

Everywhere we look there are inventions created by human beings who addressed the limits around them by operating in the space they had available. 

This week on the Podcast we explore limits and possibilities with Episode 95: Independence Day? you can catch a snippet here on my YouTube channel.

Quote of the week:

When you argue for your limitations you get to keep them.

When you argue for your possibilities, you get to create them.

A rich life is not one without limits.  A rich life is one that prioritizes possibilities.

Ready to shift your focus from limits to possibility – it would be my honor to support you. 

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