I Think You’re Right (Vegans Made Simple Part 2)

Do you think eating a Vegan diet is easier for millenials?

Do you think it’s harder for people who travel a lot?

What about for people who love sophisticated food?

Or have a family?

Or don’t have kids?

Or live in the city?

Or have a big garden?

What do you think?  

There is a famous Henry Ford quote:

‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

Eating Vegan? 

That’s the easiest part.

The thinking?

That’s where ALL the struggle is.

And the thoughts are all optional.

Did you know that?  

You can think that it’s too hard for you.

You can think that it’s easier for your single self-employed sister-in-law who lives near Whole Foods and doesn’t travel internationally the way you do.

You can think that it shouldn’t be such a struggle and that you’ve never had much willpower.

You can think that if your spouse were more supportive it would be easier.

None of those things make it hard to eat plant based foods or to reduce or avoid animal products.  You either eat the food or you don’t.

But our brains make those thoughts seemvery very very very very very

VERY true.

They aren’t.

If eating a Plant-Based diet is something you are struggling with, it just means that you have a thought about what you think you SHOULD be eating.

That is the hardest part about transitioning to a Vegetarian, Plant-Based or Vegan diet.

The Vedge Your Best coaching program believes that the simplest way to a Vegan lifestyle is one where we drop all the shoulds, comparisons, moral condemnation, excuses and complaints.  

You don’t need to move to another city, 


become a Vegan chef, 

deprive yourself

get a scary health diagnosis, 

stop traveling internationally, 

decline invitations to family parties 

or grow your own veg to stop struggling.  

I know what you are thinking, “If I think it’s OK that what I’m eating is not perfectly Vegan, then I will never be Vegan.”

There is no “perfectly” Vegan.

You’re already not “perfectly” Vegan.

Reducing and eliminating animal products is a compassionate choice for your health, the environment and for the animals. The more compassionate you are with yourself, the easier and more successful the whole process becomes.

Eating Vegan is the easy part.  

Stop thinking it’s so hard and you can stop struggling.


I never thought I could commit to eating Vegan, until I stopped thinking that.

To try on some new thoughts, email info@micheleolendercoaching.com for a free mini-session.

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