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Peace, Empathy and Plants

Polish-Canadian Science Journalist, Marta Zaraska lives in France (3 of my 4 favorite countries in one sentence) and has a new book out this summer which is a Vedge Your Best “must read.”

Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness can Help You Live to 100

YES, a Plant Based diet IS important (That’s Science!)



Self Compassion,
Kindness to Others,
Community Service,
Empathy, even towards the folks who most challenge us in this contentious time.

(And that’s Science too!)

The entire message of Vedge Your Best coaching is that we can move towards a Plant Based / Vegan Diet so much more effectively when the journey is fueled by

SELF COMPASSION – when we struggle
KINDNESS – to the earth, to animals,
COMMUNITY SERVICE – patronizing local growers and sustainable practices,
EMPATHY – towards people who don’t share our ideas.

What if reducing or eliminating animal products was not only good for you, it was a way of improving your day to day experience as a family member, a friend, a citizen, and empowered you in every other goal you have?

I never thought that I could commit to a Vegan diet until I stopped thinking that.

The first 5 people who send me their email addresses will get a free copy of Marta Zaraska’s Growing Young.


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