Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is a beautiful thing. 
I’m all for it. 
As a long time Pollyanna, I am not going to hurl any shade at Hope or Hopefulness.  
But if you have a goal, Hope is not a strategy.

Hope is not what moves you toward a Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based practice.  
You know what does? Practice.
No matter what your goal is, Practice is the Strategy.

The New Year is less than a week old, and many of us are already feeling a little dip in our energy.
If you have “hopes” or dreams for 2022, I want you to realize ALL of them because I think it would be so much fun for YOU!.

And I think it would be so great for your family, 
your friends,
your community, 
your co-workers,
and our world 
for you to be an example of what’s possible.

But Hope is NOT the strategy I recommend.  
Instead – of “I hope I can…”

Try on “I can always add…”

Instead of, “I HOPE I can eat better.”
Try on…. “I can always ADD one small thing right now.”

Instead of, “I HOPE I can stop eating animal products…”
Try on, “I can always SUBTRACT one small thing right now.”


That’s how we develop a practice that supports our long term goals.
Hope is fine. 
But for a strategy, I prefer Math.

Need some ideas?

Add one fruit or vegetable.
Subtract one impulsive snack or sweet.
Add one minute of movement.
Subtract one minute of sitting.
Add one minute of reading about your goal.
Subtract one minute of scrolling or TV.
Add one thing to beautify your home or community.
Subtract one thing to beautify your home or community.
Add one hug.
Subtract one criticism.
Add one new Vegan podcast.
Subtract one old meat-centered Cookbook.
Add one serving of Veggies.
Subtract one serving of cheese.
Add one thank you note or email.
Subtract one complaint.
Add one compliment to yourself.
Subtract one self-judgment.
Add one glass of water.
Subtract one glass of soda.
Add one deep breath.
Subtract one clenched jaw.

It doesn’t matter how small the Adds or how small the Subtracts.  This is how you build a PRACTICE.

I help my Coaching Clients build their Custom lists of ADDS and SUBTRACTS that support their goals with Strategy.  

You can start here and now by reminding yourself that in any moment of the day, you can ALWAYS add something and you can ALWAYS subtract something.
That’s how you build a Strategic Practice.
It’s just Math.

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