Happy Birthday to ME!

June 16 is my birthday and even though I do not really care about presents or cake on my birthday, I actually DO really love my birthday.

June is such a perfect month for a birthday and I will be recording next Tuesday’s podcast today with some of my thoughts about birthdays, the birthday gift my Mom is still giving me after all these years, and what some people call “BIG Birthdays.”

Some of my clients have set birthday challenges this year which is wonderful with ONE CAVEAT- it has to be win/win.  You win if you reach the goal or the challenge AND you win just playing along.  

If you work with me you know that one of MY goals is to help you set and reach goals without ever using those goals against yourself. Not always easy if, like me, you’ve spent a lifetime trying to check off boxes, get gold stars, and somehow prove that you’re worth the oxygen and space you take up.  

One of the ways we can do this is the subject of this week’s podcast, Ep #93: It’s Not Working (yet).

Thank you for being along for the ride with Vedge Your Best as we come up on 100 episodes!  
Vedge Your Best is the way I offer some of the ideas that have helped me navigate Veganism, entrepreneurship, relationships, and going public in midlife (is 63 midlife?) to people who may never ever speak or work with me.

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