I make an effort to avoid sports references because my level of ignorance on the subject usually complicates even the most straightforward metaphor. Half Time however seems to belong to the world of pop culture, where I have more secure footing.

Half time is in fact the only thing I know about the Super Bowl, and it occurs
half way through the big game. (Please let that be right)

This is probably as far as I will be carrying this analogy.
We are currently, halfway through 2020. 6 months finished and 6 months to come.

This may come as a relief.

To others of you, it is a full-throated wake-up call, a reason to panic or judge oneself very harshly.
Conversely, it may be news of complete disinterest, and still others of you may use a different calendar or measuring units to determine what we arbitrarily call the date.* This is because we all have our own thoughts about everything, including June 30, 2020.

For those of you who look at the calendar and think that you aren’t where you had hoped to be by mid year, I am talking to you.

Maybe you had some resolutions at the beginning of the year which have fizzled out (see my earlier blog post Fail or Fizzle).
Maybe you had hoped to be further along by now with your

Weight loss
Fitness goals
Debt Reduction
Reading List
Home Organization

Maybe you are thinking that time is just flying by and what difference does it make, you can never catch up.

Well since we are all probably telling ourselves all kinds of stories, none of which is objectively true from a thermodynamic or laws-of-physics sort of perspective, how about telling ourselves a festive little story about Half Time.

Half Time

This is where your imaginary Beyoncé, Gaga, J-Lo, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars or The University of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band (Super Bowl I, 1967) come out to tell you that

It’s not over
It’s only Half Time
Anything can still happen.

Not one single thing will be improved by looking at today’s date and feeling bad.
Coaching is one of the best ways I know to set and commit to goals that move us forward.
If thinking that 2020 is half over brings up negative thoughts, remember that they are all optional.

You probably accomplished a few things during these past 6 months that you
believed you could do.

Take a bow.
It’s Half Time and you’re on.

Anything can still happen!

*8 Tamuz 5780 in Hebrew Calendar;
21 Shawwal 1441 in Pakistan;
In China Cycle 78, year 37 (Geng-Zi), month 5 (Ren-Wu), day 10 (Jia-Chen);
Best not to get started on the Discordian Calendar….( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordian_calendar )

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