Gordon Ramsay Vegan Ally?

I didn’t really enjoy UK’s TV chef Gordon Ramsay even before I stopped eating animals.  

In fact, I take a tiny bit of unseemly satisfaction that he would be annoyed that I just referred to him as “UK’s TV chef.”

Recently, after many years of being unnecessarily loud and derisive of Vegans and vegetarians, Ramsay has been widely quoted as promoting and enjoying Vegan recipes and chefs.  

What to do with this info? How to interpret this potential turnaround?

My hot take?

Veganism is, for better or worse, moving slowly but decidedly mainstream.  “Vegan friendly” is literally good business. 

That, in and of itself, should not make ethical Vegans sad.

This is how change happens.  

Vegans are not “good.”  Carnists* are not “bad.”  

What changes?  

Our thoughts.

Our thoughts about what is normal, fun, traditional, healthy, exciting, polite, ethical, and convenient. 

And also… what’s good for business.

As a Vegan, I’m not that worried about what moves people toward this lifestyle.

10 years ago my thoughts about being Vegan mostly centered around what I would lose. 

It took practice to turn my thoughts gradually and then steadily towards what I would gain.  

I wasn’t “bad” then and I’m not “good” now.  

That is at it’s very core what we do in coaching.  

Want to know more? 

Coaching helps my clients move towards their Vegan and Plant Based goals and it’s the same process we use no matter what the goal.

I would be honored to develop a strategy with you and put it in to practice. It seems magical but it’s really just brain science.

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Your life can be headed in a completely different direction in 8 short weeks.

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