Good Bye, Cruel Words! (Vegans Made Simple – Part 6)

“Cruelty-Free” on labels and in descriptions typically refers to products and actions which do not kill, harm or test on animals.

There are Cruelty-Free cosmetics, cleaning products, additives and medications of all kinds.
Cruelty-Free is often used to describe a vegan recipe or one of the thousands of vegan analog food products.

It’s hard to argue against something being Cruelty-Free.
I’m all for it.

In fact, I believe Cruelty-Free begins at home.

In the way we talk TO ourselves.
The way we talk ABOUT ourselves.
The way we talk about others who do not share our current thoughts and beliefs.

Cruel words do not help us grow.

As a coach, I believe that my clients will always make more powerful and compassionate decisions and actions when they emanate out of positive thoughts and emotions.

There are many very negative and painful side-effects of animal agriculture. Though it is not usually something I discuss in this space, that should not be interpreted as minimizing the toll animal agriculture takes on the environment, our society, on our health, or on the animals themselves.

I am not an expert on these topics and I defer to those who are. Neither do I argue for people to make the same choices that I have.

It is my current thought that
and condemnation
are poor champions of a Plant Based or Vegan diet.

Not everyone will agree with the way I do anything, much less with the Plant-Based choices I have made.
If you are struggling to reduce or eliminate animal products in your daily diet, I want you to know that my coaching practice will never criticize you or your choices.

Neither will I stand by and allow my clients to berate themselves, if they are not easily meeting their Vegetarian, Vegan or Plant-Based goals.

Yes there are many very disturbing issues in the current production and consumption of animal products and if I thought that dwelling on the horrors and cruelty would successfully convert you or anyone else to a Vegan lifestyle, I might try it.

But I don’t think horror stories work.
It didn’t work for me and it hasn’t worked for most of the committed Vegans I know.

What worked for me was taking consistent positive steps to opt out of animal agriculture.

Reducing and eliminating animal products is so much easier when you commit to a compassionate process of making increasingly kinder, healthier, more sustainable choices.

If you are struggling to start or maintain a Vegetarian, Vegan or Plant Based diet,
the Vedge Your Best coaching process is here to help you achieve your goals, the way you define them.

Email me at info@micheleolendercoaching.com to set up an appointment to discuss how coaching can support you.

Cruelty Free Coaching. You have my word

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