Episode 174: New Year, New Vegan

It’s Veganuary again, the month-long challenge to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Veganuary has been growing in popularity over the years but also faces criticism for being too focused on food rather than ethics and the systemic issues in animal agriculture.



Veganuary is often seen as a “try before you buy” approach to veganism, where people pledge to be vegan for 31 days with no obligation to continue afterward. This approach is criticized for not encouraging a deeper commitment to veganism. It’s also perceived by some as a marketing trend and a form of greenwashing, with celebrities and fast-food chains participating for publicity rather than genuine commitment.

Despite these criticisms, I see value in Veganuary as a starting point for people to explore veganism and learn more about it.

When adopting a vegan lifestyle, consistency is more important than perfection. I encourage you to keep going with your vegan journey, even if you encounter challenges, and to reach out for support if needed. The process of becoming vegan is not the same for everyone, and it’s possible to make significant changes without upending your entire life.

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