Episode 172: Don’t Try to Be Vegan, TRAIN!

One thing I often hear people say when referring to their attempts at adopting a vegan lifestyle or making other changes is the phrase “I tried.” Trying is good, but training is what really brings results. Trying is a momentary effort of will, whereas training involves a commitment to developing a practice, habits, and skills necessary for success.



When considering a vegan lifestyle, I encourage you to shift your mindset from trying to training. Training for a vegan lifestyle involves more than just understanding the concept of veganism; it requires building skills, knowledge, vocabulary, and connections to make vegan choices simple. Start with easier, more manageable parts of being vegan and gradually build up your competence and confidence.

Always remember to grow and learn at your own pace, one choice at a time. If you’re ready to restart or recharge your vegan lifestyle, I can help. Schedule your free coaching call here.

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