Episode 170: In Theory, You Can’t Be Vegan

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I discuss the difference between theory and practice in adopting a vegan lifestyle.



The human brain can live in the present while also inhabiting a world of ideas, imagination, and vision. However, people often get stuck in a no-win zone, where they judge their real actions by the standards of an idealized self. This can lead to feeling inadequate compared to a fantasy or theoretical version of oneself.

Veganism, like many other goals, starts as a theory or idea in our minds. This mental placeholder is filled with information, documentaries, books, and podcasts, but it remains theoretical until put into practice. You cannot be vegan in theory alone; you must create a vegan practice that is unique to your life and circumstances.

Life is finite, so I encourage you to start your journey toward your goals without waiting to know everything or waiting for everyone to be on board.

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