Episode 169: Vegan Super Powers with Tina Newman, Author of Vivi the Supervegan

Going vegan changes your life in surprising ways. Little did Tina Newman know when she went vegan that she would become an author and create a children’s series. Vivi the Super Vegan introduces young readers to the concepts of veganism and animal rights in an accessible and engaging way. The books follow Vivi, a young girl who discovers she has superpowers that allow her to communicate with and help animals. Through Vivi’s stories, children can learn about compassion, empathy, and environmentalism.

Presenting the principles of veganism in a child-friendly way, Vivi the Super Vegan promotes awareness about animal welfare and encourages kindness and respect towards all living beings. The books recognize that children can understand the impact of their choices on the environment and animal life.

The Vivi series is especially significant in today’s world, and introducing these concepts early can help children communicate their ideas and interact with the world around them.

Tina uses bright illustrations and relatable characters and scenarios to address animal welfare, environmental, and health issues.


Learn all about Tina Newman on her website and follow her on Instagram @vivithesupervegan

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