Episode 162: When Vegetables Aren’t Vegan, with Erin Riley of Cabbage Hill Fertilizer Company

This episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast features an interview with Erin Riley, owner of Cabbage Hill Fertilizer Company. We discuss a lesser-known aspect of agriculture as it relates to veganism: the use of animal byproducts in fertilizers used for growing vegetables.



Urban farmer Erin Riley shares her journey to becoming vegan, which began with the shocking discovery that conventional organic fertilizers often contain byproducts from non-organically raised animals. This realization led her to develop her own vegan fertilizer company to provide fertilizer options that align with vegan ethics.

Erin emphasizes the importance of transparency and sustainability in gardening and agriculture. She encourages consumers to ask questions about the sources of fertilizers and to consider alternatives like composting and plant-based fertilizers.

To learn more about Erin Riley and Cabbage Hill Animal Free Fertilizer, check her out on ⁠Instagram⁠.

You can find additional links and contact information here.

I highly recommend watching and sharing Erin’s short YouTube video ⁠here⁠.

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