Episode 157: What’s a Capsule Kitchen (and Why You Really Need One) with Maggy Keet from Planetarian Life

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I interview Maggie Keet from Planetarian Life. Maggie shares her concept of a “capsule kitchen,” which is designed to make plant-based cooking easy, sustainable, and delicious.

Maggie was initially motivated by health reasons to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. Over time she became focused on reducing meat and dairy consumption to mitigate the environmental impact of factory farming. She emphasizes the importance of making this dietary shift accessible and non-judgmental and has created a welcoming space for those transitioning at their own pace.



The capsule kitchen concept is based on having a well-stocked fridge, freezer, and pantry with essentials that enable quick and easy meal preparation. It includes having a variety of essentials–simple items like pesto or salad dressing that add flavor to meals, and bases–large quantities of versatile ingredients to use in different dishes. The idea is to reduce reliance on specific recipes and encourage intuitive cooking.

The goal is to make plant-based cooking more approachable and less daunting, especially for busy families. Maggie suggests starting small, choosing a few items from each category, and gradually building a repertoire of plant-based meals.

Learn more about creating a Capsule Kitchen and Maggy Keet at Planetarian Life

Planetarian Life has a great Instagram, and you can also follow the Planetarian Life Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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