Episode 156: Lifestyle Medicine at Home with Dr. Janel Gordon

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I’ll discover the power of personalized lifestyle medicine with my guest, Dr. Janel Gordon, a lifestyle medicine specialist who discovered the power of nutrition in her quest to take control of her family’s history of chronic diseases.

Rather than feeling frustrated that she could only hand out prescriptions, Dr. Gordon began exploring ways to incorporate lifestyle changes into her patients’ treatment plans. Her zeal for lifestyle medicine took off after witnessing the transformation of a patient who switched to plant-based nutrition. Dr. Gordon uses a compassionate approach to help others understand that their health choices are not confined to the doctor’s office but are largely determined by their community and home life.



In our interview, we also talk about:

  • what lifestyle medicine is
  • the value and health benefits of integrating whole plant-based foods into everyday meals
  • innovative strategies to help you maintain a plant-based diet amidst social activities and engagements
  • the crucial role social connections play in promoting overall health and emotional wellness
  • the critical necessity of open communication lines between patients and healthcare practitioners for more targeted and effective care

You can connect with Dr. Janel Gordon on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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