Episode 155: Vegan Systems

This week’s episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast is all about systems.  In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear says, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fail to the level of your systems.” This quote is on a sticky note that is ALWAYS on my laptop.



What exactly are systems and why do we need them? Goals are about the idea of the results we want, but systems are the actual processes that lead to those results. Goals can be great but they can also be limiting–if we are only happy when we hit our goal, we set ourselves up for dissatisfaction most of the time.

Systems, on the other hand, can help us find satisfaction, excitement, and pride in the process. This may even be more true with a goal like being plant-based because this is a practice, not a one time event or achievement.

I help my clients fine tune their systems to support their vegan and plant-based goals, and this past summer I began working with Tracy Hoth to fine-tune my own business systems. Tracy helps life coaches streamline their processes and her podcast, The Organized Coach, is full of great information.

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