Episode 148: Vegan Independence Day

It’s nearly the Fourth of July and in this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast I’m talking about taking a little time at the halfway point of the year to evaluate our progress on goals and aspirations we set as the year began, particularly relating to adopting a vegan lifestyle. 



It’s a common human tendency to make excuses–to be an “excusitarian”–especially when it comes to eating animal products. Many people continue to consume animal products not because they want to, but because it’s a habit ingrained through years of cultural and familial practices. My goal is to challenge these habits and encourage you to start making changes towards a vegan lifestyle.

While it may feel daunting to imagine a life without animal products, moving toward a vegan lifestyle is a declaration of independence that allows individuals to align actions with their values.

Changing long-standing habits and beliefs is not without its challenges, of course. It’s normal to find the idea of a vegan lifestyle difficult at first, so take small steps to integrate these changes into your real, busy life. The idea is to make the best possible choice each day rather than wait for a perfect time or conditions to start making changes.

Coaching is one tool to support behavior change. Working with a coach can provide structure, accountability, and enjoyment as you learn to incorporate new choices into your life. Coaching is not about achieving perfection, but rather about making continual adjustments and learning to trust yourself to make decisions that align with your values.

Now is the perfect time to start or re-energize your vegan practice. It’s never too late to make changes. I’d like to invite you to reach out for coaching as a means to achieve your goals and start making choices that will lead to a more intentional and fulfilling life.

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