Episode 145: Dr Seuss, Vegan Overwhelm and What’s for Dinner?

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I share some great insights from a blog post written by Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete entitled “The Dr. Seuss Secret to Simplifying Your Meal Planning.” Matt, taking inspiration from Dr. Seuss’ use of a limited vocabulary in his book Green Eggs and Ham, emphasizes the idea of using constraints to enhance creativity and effectiveness in meal planning.



These days, there are so many cookbooks and recipes available online that meal planning can become an overwhelming task. Limiting the options of what we cook can help us be more creative and effective in the kitchen.

To combat overwhelm in meal planning, try focusing on a limited number of ingredients for a week or a month. I keep a few standard foods on hand, such as chickpeas, arugula, spinach, watermelon, bananas, whole grain pasta, veggie burgers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and nuts. These staples allow for easy meal preparation without much thought.

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