Episode 144: Masculinity and Meat with Rory Cockshaw

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, my guest is Rory Cockshaw, a young professional vegan, activist, ultra-runner, and plant-based nutritionist. Rory first caught my attention when he debated British Member of Parliament Jacob Reese-Mogg about veganism. In our discussion, Rory shares his vegan journey and his work as a vegan activist, his athletic achievements, and his views on masculinity and meat consumption.



Rory’s philosophy is that causing unnecessary suffering to sentient beings is wrong, a belief that underpins his veganism. He also advocates for the environment, supporting in particular the “fly free” movement, which encourages reducing air travel due to its environmental impact. He explains how flying can negate the carbon savings from a year of veganism and encourages exploring local destinations instead.

We also address some of the challenges men face in embracing veganism, particularly in contexts where masculinity is traditionally associated with meat consumption.

Rory’s upcoming projects include starting a business focused on helping vegan activists and others with nutrition and fitness, to empower them to take better care of themselves for the greater good.

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