Episode 141: The Myth of Being Vegan

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I focus on the “myth” of being vegan; specifically, the challenges and misconceptions surrounding the identity of being vegan. Self-awareness is important and the words “I am” hold great power in shaping one’s identity and actions.



People often label themselves with limiting beliefs, such as “I am overwhelmed” or “I am undisciplined,” which can hinder their progress toward their goals, including adopting a vegan lifestyle. These self-imposed identities can be a significant obstacle in maintaining a vegan practice.

Being vegan isn’t an inherent trait or personality characteristic. Instead, it’s a practice or a set of actions and choices made daily. “I am vegan” is more of a belief or thought rather than a definitive state of being. When we view veganism this way, it’s easy to consider it a habit or practice that can be continually learned and improved upon.

Noticing and disarming unhelpful “I am” thoughts is an important part of adopting a more compassionate and realistic approach to change, and coaching can help with this.

To start making progress on your vegan journey, focus on the next decision or action rather than letting yourself become overwhelmed by the broader goal of being vegan. Interested in learning how I can help you on your journey? Schedule your free coaching call here.

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