Episode 139: Vegan Travel Agent Rebecca Gade Sawicki from Veggies Abroad

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I’m pleased to be chatting about vegan travel with Rebecca Gade Sawicki from Veggies Abroad. In our talk, Rebecca shares her story of starting a vegan travel blog during the pandemic and subsequently developing it into a full-fledged travel advisory service. Her blog, Veggies Abroad, is rich with information for vegan travelers, including foreign language guides; travel guides for various destinations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Europe; as well as travel tips and eco-friendly product recommendations.



Rebecca’s background in non-profit fundraising and event management helped her pivot her career to align it with her ethical beliefs. She shares the challenges and opportunities in promoting vegan travel and working with tourism organizations to advocate for more vegan-friendly options. Her goal is to encourage people to use their travel dollars responsibly and to pressure travel companies to adopt better practices.

The episode also delves into Rebecca’s vegan journey, which began in her early teens. She discusses the importance of being a respectful and responsible traveler, especially in a non-vegan world. Rebecca emphasizes the need to support local communities and sustainable practices when choosing accommodations and tour services. She also highlights the importance of learning basic phrases in the local language of the travel destination to navigate vegan options more effectively.

Rebecca’s travel advisory services offer personalized travel planning with a focus on sustainability and vegan-friendly itineraries. She shares insights on various destinations, including Spain, and discusses her plans to create travel guides for Thailand and Africa.

To learn more about Rebecca and check out her vegan travel guides and other resources, visit her website, Veggies Abroad.

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