Episode 137: Nine Tips for Vegan Travel with Brighde Reed

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, my guest is Brighde Reed of World Vegan Travel. Brighde and her partner Seb founded World Vegan Travel to offer high-concept, luxury vegan group tours to various countries like France, Italy, Switzerland, Botswana, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.



During our talk, Brighde shares her nine best tips for vegan travelers:

  1. Adjust your mindset  Brighde emphasizes the importance of looking through a lens of abundance rather than lack. This mindset helps when finding vegan options and enjoying the travel experience.
  2. Use apps and websites  She recommends using apps like Happy Cow, country-specific apps, abillion, VeggieHotels, Vegan Welcome, Vegvisits, and The Vegan Stay for finding vegan-friendly restaurants, hotels, and accommodations.
  3. Carry useful tools  Brighde suggests carrying items like Tupperware, a sharp knife, a tea towel, a cool bag with freezer packs, shelf-stable non-dairy milk, cutlery, and possibly small appliances like a travel blender or an instant pot.
  4. Consume nutrient-rich foods  She advises focusing on nutrient-rich foods, especially for breakfast, to ensure a healthy diet while traveling.
  5. Create a wishlist  Before traveling, Brighde recommends researching and creating a wishlist of vegan restaurants and dishes to try at the destination.
  6. Inform accommodations of your preferences in advance  Letting accommodations know about your vegan diet in advance can help them prepare suitable meals.
  7. Learn the language  Knowing key phrases or using tools like Google Translate can be helpful in non-English speaking countries.
  8. Leverage social media  Using hashtags like #vegan[destination] on social media platforms can uncover hidden vegan gems in the area.
  9. Use vegan travel professionals  For those who prefer not to do the planning themselves, Brighde suggests using vegan travel professionals who can tailor the experience to vegan needs.

Brighde also shares with me her journey to veganism and how she started World Vegan Travel. We discuss the challenges and joys of organizing vegan tours; working with non-vegan chefs; and promoting veganism in various cultures. Brighde’s tips provide valuable insights for vegans who love to travel and want to maintain their lifestyle while exploring the world.

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