Episode 136: Comedy for the Animals with Vegan Comic Steven Marcus Releford

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I’m talking with comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker Steven Marcus Releford (who goes by Marcus). During our discussion, Marcus shares his journey to veganism, which began about nine years ago for a combination of spiritual, ethical, and health reasons, and was solidified after a bad experience of food poisoning from eggs.



Marcus talks about his experiences of being a vegan, both in his personal life and as a comedian. He highlights the importance of humor in connecting with people and addressing serious issues like veganism. He shares his experiences performing at vegan-focused events such as “Comedy for the Animals” in Los Angeles, which features all-vegan stand-up comics and raises money for animal-related charities. These events provide a platform for him to share his vegan-centric humor, which resonates well with vegan audiences.

It was fascinating to learn about the influence he’s had on other comics he works with, even helping some transition to veganism. Marcus emphasizes the simplicity of his diet when traveling, relying on basic vegan foods like sautéed spinach, avocado, and celery, and stresses the importance of being creative and flexible with food choices.

Marcus is involved in various projects, including hosting and performing in comedy shows in Los Angeles, working on podcasts like Y’all Had to Be Here, and potentially collaborating with Veggie Grill for comedy shows at their locations. He also mentions his first short film, Bucket, and another podcast he’s part of, The Vegan Chitlin Circuit.

Overall, our talk highlights Marcus’s role in bringing humor and light-heartedness to the vegan community, challenging the stereotype of vegans as humorless, and using comedy as a form of activism to spread awareness about veganism.

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