Episode 127: Your Vegan Identity

This episode of the “Vedge Your Best” podcast is about identity change, particularly in the context of adopting a vegan lifestyle or making significant lifestyle changes.



I’m inspired by one of my clients, who is working on building a vegan business and has set ambitious goals for herself, including taking better care of her health and finding extra time for her various commitments.

She mentioned that she wanted to drink less alcohol, as she felt it would give her more energy and focus; however, she struggled with this goal because her identity was tied to being knowledgeable about and enjoying alcohol. This led to a discussion about how changing habits often involves crafting a new identity and rewriting the story of who we are.

I encourage you to grow your awareness of the stories underpinning your identity, especially those reinforced by what you eat and drink.┬áChanging one’s identity is possible through awareness, planning, and practice. Coaching can be an effective way to facilitate this change by helping individuals focus on their goals and not overcomplicate the process.

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