Episode 126: Vegan Resolution — What Were We Thinking?

This episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast is about the importance of maintaining focus on New Year’s resolutions, particularly those related to veganism or other lifestyle changes.



Resolutions are often forgotten or abandoned, not for lack of desire or capability, but simply because they stop being top of mind.

Changing behaviors requires working with the science of habit and mind to interrupt autopilot behaviors and disrupt established patterns. It’s not about becoming an entirely new person, but about changing the way we think.

Thoughts create feelings, which drive actions, ultimately leading to results. To achieve different results, one must practice new thoughts. I encourage you to uncover the thoughts that support your current actions and practice new thoughts that align with your desired actions and results.

Changing long-held beliefs and the identity of a meat-eater to adopt a vegan lifestyle can be especially challenging. Ask yourself why you want to limit or stop eating animal products and practice thinking thoughts that support this goal.

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