Don’t Mind the Gap (Vegans Made Simple – Part 8)

Don’t Mind the Gap! I first read about the “Gap Between Knowing and Doing” many years ago in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and it hit me hard. At the time, I thought it was just me that was continually stuck between my reality and my goals, but the years have shownContinue reading “Don’t Mind the Gap (Vegans Made Simple – Part 8)”

How NOT to Think [about Polar bears] – (Vegans Made Simple Part 7)

Have you ever made a concerted effort to NOT think about a Polar Bear? Like every day?  Multiple times? Sticky note reminder on the bathroom mirror. Do NOT think about Polar Bears. Sign on the Fridge. Do not THINK about Polar Bears. Reminder message on the home screen of your phone. Do not think aboutContinue reading “How NOT to Think [about Polar bears] – (Vegans Made Simple Part 7)”

Good Bye, Cruel Words! (Vegans Made Simple – Part 6)

“Cruelty-Free” on labels and in descriptions typically refers to products and actions which do not kill, harm or test on animals. There are Cruelty-Free cosmetics, cleaning products, additives and medications of all kinds.Cruelty-Free is often used to describe a vegan recipe or one of the thousands of vegan analog food products. It’s hard to argueContinue reading “Good Bye, Cruel Words! (Vegans Made Simple – Part 6)”

What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)

Frenemies. So before we get started, can I just say that I was completely prepared for “frenemies” to be autocorrected by my Mac to “fiendish” or “friendless” or something even less related. Turns out “frenemy” IS a real real word. And it’s such a good word too. Over the years, I have a had aContinue reading “What are Frenemies For? (Vegans Made Simple – Part 5)”

Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,His wife could eat no lean…. (from Old Mother Goose) Sometimes people imagine that I was always a picky Princessy eater who never ate meat.Or a neurasthenic hippie existing on sprouts. I ate meat well into my 50’s, though I was slowing down my consumption by then. My husband alwaysContinue reading “Meaty Matters (Vegans Made Simple – Part 4)”

Story Time (Vegans Made Simple – Part 3)

Once upon a time… I told myself that I was Too old,Too busy,Too polite,Too family-oriented,Too traditional,Too “foodie,”Too introverted,Too interested in travel and culture To commit to a vegan diet. I told myself it was going to be just too hard. But something inside me was telling a story about food that was Kinder to theContinue reading “Story Time (Vegans Made Simple – Part 3)”

I Think You’re Right (Vegans Made Simple Part 2)

Do you think eating a Vegan diet is easier for millenials? Do you think it’s harder for people who travel a lot? What about for people who love sophisticated food? Or have a family? Or don’t have kids? Or live in the city? Or have a big garden? What do you think?   There isContinue reading “I Think You’re Right (Vegans Made Simple Part 2)”

Nudge Nudge (Vegans Made Simple Part 1)

If you are comedy fan, you may remember the Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink sketch made famous in the 1970’s by Monty Python. More recently “Nudge Theory” has emerged as a term to describe a part of what Behavioral Economists call Choice Architecture and the subject of Thaler and Sunstein’s 2008 book Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, WealthContinue reading “Nudge Nudge (Vegans Made Simple Part 1)”