Announcement! Announcement! (Newsletter name)

In advance of our 100th Vedge Your Best episode we have a new name for the weekly email. V-Mail Congratulations to the team over at @HowIVeganPodcast for suggesting it. Contest winner Matthew asked us to donate his prize to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Northamptonshire England. Such a great cause – we rounded up from dollars to British pounds sterling. …

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“Stuck” is a Symptom

Feeling stuck is one of those very normal vaguely unpleasant human feelings.  It’s not like “fear,”  “embarrassment, “ “shame,” “anger.”  For most of my clients, “stuck” is low grade, humming in the background, chronic like ‘confused” and “overwhelmed.” In coaching we call those “indulgent” emotions, because we tend to use them to hide behind.   …

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